Charles Boyes & Agate 3/10/15

Charles Boyes & Agate 3/10/15

Today, launching from Sea Palling, the sea state was almost like a mill pond. There was a bit of fog around for the morning dive, but it had cleared by the afternoon.

We launched around 08:00 and headed South East for the first dive of the day, which was on the Charles Boyes. A second world war fishing vessel , fitted with a gun, to become an armed trawler, and mine sweeper. It was sunk by a mine, and the date it was lost was 25/5/1940 with the loss of 19 lives.

The wreck is sitting in an upright position, and I believe the wreck itself is full of sand. Visibility on this wreck is always very poor, and our dive on Sunday was no different (about 1 meter) with a torch.

If you do dive this wreck, then be prepared to have all your kit absolutely infested with Krill when you return to the surface.

The Charles Boyes is located just a couple of miles (about 2 Nmiles) East of Scratby.

The Second dive of the day was HMT Agate,  Agate H179 an armed trawler 8 Nmile NE of Sea Palling. It was lost 6/8/1941 when it ran aground in a gale.

This wreck is not a good wreck to dive in poor visibility. Our dive on Sunday was less than 2m with a torch. The wreck is on its side with more than 50% buried in the sand.

There is a ‘void’ along most of the wreck, where you can get inside, however, with the visibility we had, it was difficult to tell the difference with the poor green haze from the surface.

Because of the visibility, I broke away from tradition on this dive, and started to make my way to the surface with 100bar of air left in my cylinder!

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