Different wrecks?? 27/09/15

Different wrecks?? 27/09/15

The wreck marks on the GPS said it was the Pacifique….
It can’t be! the wreck we dived, had boilers! The Pacifique was a sailing ship.
So, unless they fitted sailing ships with boilers (maybe for the showers!), it has to be a different wreck.
There are 2 boilers sitting in the wreckage.
Other wrecks (known to have boilers) in the area are as follows:
SS Schieland 1941
SS Empire Newcomen 1941
SS Cornmarsh 1941
SS Brynmill 1941

The second dive of the day was listed as an unknown wreck, but I have my own theory on this one…
I think it is the Viella (GY816), a British steam trawler scuttled by the Germans in the 1st World War.
Known metrics: It had one boiler, and was 30.7 Meters long, also the Germans scuttled it.
The wreck: Has one boiler, it is upside down, I dived from the bow, to the stern, and estimated that it was about 30 Meters in length.
There is not a lot to see on this wreck. The wreck itself has collapsed, leaving the boiler protruding through the hull.
History: This was scuttled 23rd Sept 1916 (Very much like the German fleet was scuttled at Scapa flow!)
This wreck is located about 5 miles NE of the wind farm off Sheringham (Norfolk)

If anyone would like to correct me, please feel free to contact us. One of the reasons I spend all my time listing this information, is to try and give honest, accurate information to visitors of our pages.

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